Top Ten Natural Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices Part2

  • Implement a web analytics application/service. One needs to capture the keyword phrases that are actually driving traffic to one's site. These phrases are the search terms with which one begins long-tail keyword SEO research and they're integral to optimizing landing pages.
  • Complete Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) value rating research for long-tail keyword phrases that are lexical to the keywords harvested from successful site visits and are contextually relevant to each page's content.
  • Optimize meta tags: Match Title elements to page content and place a unique Title element on each individual page. Follow character count limits in the Title element, Description and Keyword meta tags, and Alt attributes.
  • Utilize all the possible attributes and tags and effectively populate those attributes and tags as well as the page content with long–tail keywords phrases that have high KEI value ratings. Only place long–tail keyword phrases in the Title element, Description and Keyword meta tags that are repeated in the page content, e.g. avoid populating tags and attributes with keywords that don't appear on the page.
  • Create content that can be seen by search engines, e.g. not using Flash or creating content in Photoshop or Acrobat that should be in HTML. Verify page content with the one of World Wide Web Consortium's Markup Validation Services.
  • Endeavor to build contextual backlinks. It's not only who's linking to you, it's whether a backlink links an article or comment to the relevant content on one's site (rather than a generic link to one's “Home” page). The algorithms with which Google evaluates backlinks target the nature of the link's context.
  • Don't place links in javascript arrays, JSON, or any language where the links won't be followed because search engines can't see them. A search engine can't index or follow what it doesn't see.

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