Top Ten Natural Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices

The primary objective — why one engages in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — is to be found. Specifically, to have one's website achieve higher placement on organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


While there is some variance in different genres of search terms, on average, 68% of the click-throughs from SERPs are from the top ten results, i.e. from the first page

Of these (again, depending on the genre) between 24–31% of the click-throughs occur from the 1st listing found, i.e. the top result. Realizing a greater Click Through Rate (CTR) defines a successful search matrix.


Further, one wants to drive traffic from the segment of potential visitors who are most likely to participate in “success events”. Ideally, one wants not only to be found among top search engine results but also to raise the CTR to one's own website.


One needs to harvest the long-tail keyword phrases with which the visitors who completed participation in a successful event found the website. With these one conducts additional research to obtain search terms with maximum Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) value ratings. Ultimately, the Best Practice is to optimize one's site with keywords that are lexical to the ones that were used in these searches.


From these lists of keywords one implements search engine optimization by populating the Title element, Description and Keywords meta tags, Alt and Title attributes, and page content with the long-tail keyword phrases that are both the most searched and have the highest KEI values. The goal is to merge effectively the search matrices with the web analytics for one's website.


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    With the data merged from the search matrices and web analytics, one will have built behavioral models for the visitors to one's website. Knowing a customer's profile enables refining the click-through path to successful events. Ideally, from arrival through checkout (completed participation in a success event) should be able to be accomplished in eight clicks.


    The Top Ten SEO Best Practices to accomplish favorable click-through rates from high placement on search engine results pages are listed below.

    Some of the value placed on these items follow standards on good code writing stewardship that are applicable to Search Engine Optimization. For additional information, please follow any of the links in these Top Ten Best Practices or contact our solutions team with specific questions.

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